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It took us short of 3 months to do 20,000km on bikes, trains and planes. We crossed the following countries together:

Austria - Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Mongolia - China - Hong Kong

On this site you will find some info on both of us, our bikes, some of our friendly helpers in Hong Kong and London and loads of pictures on our trip. 

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Latest top picture
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Our path
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong, our final destination on this trip (Cyril still got to go to London) Monday night. We were both relieved and happy that we both arrived healthy, but somehow sad that the journey is ended.
I was more than glad to sleep in MY bed, such a great feeling. Cyril on the other hand was clearly missing me in his room after all, I broke the tradition. 
Cyril seemed to be impressed about the city and its super-high skyscrapers whilst I just found it reassuring to be back.
We met good HK friends yesterday night for a drink and celebrated the successful completion of this adventure.
Today's biggest mission will be to get our BLOODY BEARD shaved! I hope we'll find a good barber.


Franck Griffoul said...

Congrats for the successful completion of your trip guys!!! Hope you will readjust quickly to your indoor office after so many open spaces and so much freedom...
Cheers, Franck

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your safe return. I have enjoyed your trip reports. It has been quit an adventure.

Frederic Depeille said...

Quel beau voyage que vous avez fait. Ca m'a fait rever. En plus apres tant de temps sans nouvelles les un des autres (je sais, c'est ma faute) ca m'a fait super plaisir de pouvoir suivre votre aventure. A bientot peut etre.

Fred Depeille

Axl said...

Home sweet home !

Bienvenue chez vous, et nos très sincères félicitations pour ce bel exploit, une histoire passionante que nous avons aimé suivre au jour le jour.

Une pensée pour Manon heureuse on l'imagine de retrouver son barbu:-)

On vous embrasse,


Al said...

Dear Niccolo,
Tried to contact you via HU, but had no luck sending you email. I hope you dont mind, I had a few questions about traveling from Turkey to UB. Was going to do it 2 up with my girlfriend, she is from Hong Kong, and our final destination being Hong Kong. Depending on the safety of these countries and practicality of riding two up in terrain like the stans, and mongolia. What are you personal recommedation. Is georgia, stans, mongolia safe for female passengers, and for 2 asians? And of course I am using the same exact bikes as you did, any suggestion of things to look out for or you would have done different on the bike, preparations or avoided certain routes. I really appreciate your help, since I did alot of research probably the way you did on the HU forums, however nothing beats your first hand experience. Congratulations guys on a awesome journey completed.

Albert Ling

Jerome said...

Well done guys!!! Now will you check that the plane is actually.

Anonymous said...

Fini, vraiment? Mon petit doigt me dit que vous allez bientot repartir: vous etiez bien trop heureuses sur vos destriers d'acier.
La nouvelle Tenere est prete...


michel said...

On s'etait rencontré il y a ub an a Tachkent
ce commentaire est pour Nicolo
je suis en route vers Hong kong où je dois arriver vers le 24 avril Je cherche un endroit où laisser mon vélo et quelques affaires pendant mon retour à Paris du 1 au 29 mai.
peut tu m'aider?
mon email


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- My family and friends for their understanding and moral support
- Robert Roe (alias Bob) from Motoselect Franham for preparing the bike with such good care
- Anastasia from thevisacompany for helping me deal with so much red tape
- Claudio von Planta for sharing his valuable experience on Long-way Round and Long-way Down and answering so many of our questions
- Ronnie, Emmanuel and Benjamin for their enthusiast support and precious advise
- The Techtransalp team for their excellent website and advertising our adventure

- clearly Manon as she has always been supportive of this trip even though this means 3 months without me
- My mother for not giving up on me, for receiving all the parcels at home in Austria and for not freaking out!
- Amy and Steve for pushing over several months to keep focus on the organisation
- Xavier, for trusting me to be in France in June and be his best man at his wedding
- Cyril, for posting our tracks on the blog
- Louis, for looking into getting Continental to sponsor us
- Romain, for getting us the Turkmen visas
- My friends for all telling me "DO IT"!
- Claudio von Planta, Sambor and Maciej for sharing their great experiences on their numerous motorbike trips
- Henry, Yau and Tan from BMW HK for their support with the bike, the preparation and the bike sale
- Yasser, Mark, Michael and Christoph from BMW Munich for their help with all the accessories and the last minute bike purchase
- Bertrand and Alice for your help with the tyres in Almaty